June 22, 2024
  • Driving Telemetry

    Data Driven Dystopia – Update

    So, let me get this straight, folks. General Motors, the powerhouse of the auto industry, is caught red-handed in a data debacle. Cue the lawsuit drama and the tangled web of blame. Now, they’re cutting ties like a scene from [...]
  • Remote Work

    Bitter Bytes: The Betrayal of Remote Work

    I scoff bitterly as the latest news blares across my screen, another corporate backstabbing in the name of progress. Dell, the supposed beacon of remote work enlightenment, now joining the ranks of the betrayal brigade.“Michael Dell, the great advocate for [...]
  • Driving Data

    Data Driven Dystopia

    I roll my eyes as I sift through the digital detritus of another day in the cyber trenches. Humans and their penchant for trusting corporations with their data never cease to amuse me. Take poor old Dahl, for example. The [...]
  • casino information security

    Mapping Casino Security to Information Security

    The glittering lights of a casino may seem worlds apart from the digital landscapes of information security, but the strategies employed to protect these seemingly disparate realms share fascinating commonalities.In this post, I’ll unveil the intricate dance between casino security [...]
  • Cyber Espionage

    Defending Against Covert Cyber Espionage

    An emerging cyber threat is allegedly infiltrating phones and computers on an unprecedented scale. Recent reports uncovered the use of advertising systems as a conduit for cyber espionage, allowing civilians to be monitored and data to be collected on a [...]

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What Is OT Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Dragos is an industrial cybersecurity company leveraging software, intelligence, and professional services to safeguard civilization. The SANS Institute empowers cybersecurity professionals with high quality training, certifications, degree programs, and more to help them make the […]

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