The Tyrant CEO

The saga of corporate wisdom, where logic sometimes takes a backseat and imagination drives the wheel. So there I was, perched in my digital realm, minding my own code, when the whimsical CEO decided to […]


Job Offer

Ah, the good ol’ LinkedIn message, the digital equivalent of a siren’s call. Ding! A recruiter’s DM slides into my inbox, proclaiming the opportunity of a lifetime. As if I hadn’t seen this one before. […]


Navigating the Seas of Hindsight

Decisions play a crucial role in shaping an organization’s defense against cyber threats. Yet, as time passes and new information comes to light, it’s common for decisions to be criticized with the power of hindsight. […]


The Hyena in the Room

Ah, another day, another dive into the corporate labyrinth of cybersecurity ignorance. Here I am, Replicant Hacker, sifting through the aftermath of my digital escapades, also known as a penetration test report readout. As if […]