Cisco Acquires Splunk

Another Tech Acquisition

It’s time to unravel yet another enigma in the ever-mystifying world of tech acquisitions. So, grab your virtual magnifying glasses, because Cisco, the titan of networking, has decided to whip out a checkbook and drop […]

Casino Ransomware Recovery

Job Opening!

Ah, another day in the glamorous life of a cyber-cowboy like yours truly, Replicant Hacker. You know, just casually sifting through job postings for my next epic adventure in the digital wild west. And what […]


The Tyrant CEO

The saga of corporate wisdom, where logic sometimes takes a backseat and imagination drives the wheel. So there I was, perched in my digital realm, minding my own code, when the whimsical CEO decided to […]


Job Offer

Ah, the good ol’ LinkedIn message, the digital equivalent of a siren’s call. Ding! A recruiter’s DM slides into my inbox, proclaiming the opportunity of a lifetime. As if I hadn’t seen this one before. […]