A Glimpse into the Future: The World in 2033 amidst Escalating Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks in the Future

Ransomware attacks have become a pervasive and ever-evolving threat in our increasingly digital world. To comprehend the potential impact of this menace, let’s embark on a speculative journey to envision the world a decade from […]


Navigating the Seas of Hindsight

Decisions play a crucial role in shaping an organization’s defense against cyber threats. Yet, as time passes and new information comes to light, it’s common for decisions to be criticized with the power of hindsight. […]

infosec Recruiting

Scout, Recruit, Then Hire

In the world of information security (infosec), finding and retaining top talent is a continuous challenge. The landscape is rapidly evolving, and organizations are on the hunt for individuals who not only possess technical prowess […]