Data Driven Dystopia – Update


Driving Telemetry

So, let me get this straight, folks. General Motors, the powerhouse of the auto industry, is caught red-handed in a data debacle. Cue the lawsuit drama and the tangled web of blame. Now, they’re cutting ties like a scene from a bad breakup movie.

Can you believe this mess? Time to unravel the wires.

Romeo Chicco, a Floridian who’s probably sweating more from this legal ordeal than the Florida heat, takes the stage as the plaintiff. He’s pointing fingers at GM, OnStar, and the data maestro, LexisNexis. Apparently, they’ve been playing fast and loose with his driving data, sharing it with insurers like it’s a game of hot potato. And surprise, surprise, Chicco’s rates skyrocketed faster than a Tesla on Ludicrous mode.

Note to self: Always check the fine print. And invest in a good lawyer.

But wait, there’s more. Legal eagles predict this could be just the tip of the iceberg. “Sharing data without consent is bad,” says David Vladeck, former FTC big shot turned law prof. No kidding, Sherlock! Cue the parade of lawsuits, folks. We’re just getting started.

 Insert facepalm here.

Now, GM’s playing the innocent card, saying they only share “limited data” with insurers. Limited, my foot! And they’re evaluating their privacy processes? Spare me the PR spin, GM. We both know you got caught with your bytes down.

Oh, the sweet sound of corporate denial.

Erik Gordon, the business prof-lawyer combo, chimes in with his two cents. He’s calling out the whole data-sharing circus, not just GM. It’s a “standard rotten thing” across the board, he says. Preach, Gordon!

Finally, someone speaks my language.

Meanwhile, Senator Markey’s on his soapbox, urging the FTC to dig into automakers’ data habits. About time someone pulled back the digital curtain!

Attaboy, Markey. Someone’s gotta keep ’em honest.

But hey, Chicco’s not taking this lying down. His lawyer’s got claws, and they’re digging into OnStar’s sneaky tactics. Chicco never signed up for this data dance, yet his driving habits end up on the big data buffet. Talk about a privacy nightmare!

 Note to self: Always opt-out. And maybe get a bicycle.

And GM, oh dear GM, they’re left scrambling. Cutting ties with data brokers like they’re toxic exes. Sorry, GM, but the data cat’s out of the bag.

Translation: Damage control mode engaged.

In the end, it’s not just about Chicco or GM. It’s about all of us, cruising down the info highway with our data exposed. So buckle up, folks. The ride’s getting bumpier by the byte.

 Time to hack the system. Just kidding… or am I?

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