Job Opening!


Casino Ransomware Recovery

Ah, another day in the glamorous life of a cyber-cowboy like yours truly, Replicant Hacker. You know, just casually sifting through job postings for my next epic adventure in the digital wild west. And what do we have here?

The job board beckons with a most exquisite offer, straight from the annals of corporate gallantry. A casino, mind you, one that’s just had a taste of the ransomware roulette. How quaint.

Oh, the humanity. Another victim of their own digital hubris. Let’s dissect this, shall we?

So, they’re waving their ransomware-riddled flag and offering a princely sum of $110 an hour. But wait, there’s more! Ten hours a day, seven days a week, and you best believe you’ll be on call too, my friends. All for the honor of being a 1099 contractor. Bravo!

Let’s have a standing ovation for this magnanimous offer! Just what I’ve always wanted—endless work, constant on-call dread, and the privilege of handling my own tax woes.

Now, let’s do some quick arithmetic. Ten hours a day, seven days a week, that’s a whopping 70 hours a week, all for the bargain price of $7,700 a week. And don’t forget that charming on-call duty.

Because who needs a life outside of this digital dungeon, right? It’s not like I have hobbies, like hacking for fun, or anything.

But, you know what they say, my fellow code wranglers: “Work smart, not hard.” And this, my friends, isn’t the smartest of deals. I’ll keep my binary banditry for more worthy pursuits and let some other poor soul brave the treacherous world of 1099 contracts and endless cyber toil.

Perhaps I’ll spend my time hacking into a casino’s security cameras instead. Now, that’s a show I’d pay to watch!

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